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The world of naruto is ever changing it's time to catch up with their quests and to finish what they started.Enjoy!
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There are only 3 of the Uchiha Clan spots left so hurry!
There are only 4 Nara Clan Spots left!
There are only 6 Akamichi Clan spots left!
Please notifiy an administrater in your village before you start a mission.Thank You!
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 General Site Rules

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PostSubject: General Site Rules   General Site Rules Icon_minitimeSat May 14, 2011 3:26 pm

Registration Rules:

  • Follow the Template (if you need help, either join the chatbox or PM a Moderator or Admin);
  • Wait for approval;
    After a staff member stamps it with an approve, have fun role-playing!

    Common Rules:

  • Descriptions of death, gore and blood are allowed in this forum;
  • Members who hold important positions (e.g.: Kage, Plot NPC, Clan Leader) and who are not online for 2 weeks or more without warning the staff will have their characters withdrawn from their position and removed from the roster.
  • Shady or offensive actions performed by moderators can and must be reported to the administrators;
  • There must be no rudeness, insulting or flaming directed at the staff members or the community of the site. Action will be taken immediately, resulting in a ban of specific duration depending on the attacker's actions;
    Double-posting is forbidden, except when training alone.

    Role-Playing Rules:

    • The person's character must act exactly like he/she described him/her/it when they submitted the profile. For example, if you said your char is dark and quiet, you cannot make him run around happily.
    • You cannot kill another Role-Player's character without a justified reason. Random-killing is frowned upon and will not be tolerated.
    • You cannot describe the actions of other characters other than your own, except if they are NPCs created by you for the sole purpose of development or you are given permission by the member to do so.
    • Your character cannot perform a hundred actions in a single post. Be realistic and write according the situation.
    • You cannot multi-post. This means your character cannot be in two places at the same time, except if it's by the use of a clone. In that particular situation, your character's clone cannot leave the Land you are located at.
    • Patience is a virtue. Give others time to write and post their replies.
    • If you're going to be absent for more than 3 days, please inform the community and staff of this site by posting an exit active post of your character is located at so that it does not hinder Role-Play in any way.

    Post Rules:

    • Your messages must be at least 5 full sentences long (seven words complete a sentence);
    • You can only write in third and first person's side of view, without using asterisks (e.g.: *eats an apple* isn't acceptable and it will be deleted from the thread);
    • Your post should contain actions, thoughts and speech of your character. Try to separate these with obvious formats (e.g.: speech can be written in bold, while thoughts can be written in italics);
    • You must always write where did you come from and to what topic you're going.

    Fighting Rules:

    • There are no battles without the injuries - you cannot dodge attacks forever;
    • Auto-hit is not allowed in this forum. For you to describe that your character attacked and hit its target in the same post is auto-hitting;
    • A battle needs organization and structure so that it doesn't become confusing. When in a group battle, try to find a solid post order, generally based on the order of entrance or attacks (e.g.: Takimoto attacked, followed by Io and Yakumo. The order would be Takimoto -> Io -> Yakumo);
    • Make sure to pay attention to your opponent's post. If you are confused about a part of his post, you are able to ask him for clarification on its meaning;
    • When your character is physically engaged, you have forty-eight hours to reply to your attacker's post. If you fail to do so and haven't notified the staff, your opponent is able to "connect" his hit in a second post.
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    General Site Rules

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